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On July 23rd the NADXA's own boB NF7E was awarded the ARCA HAMof the Year for 2022.
Congratulations boB!

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This year the NADXA set-up our new Emergency Communications Trailer at the East-Side Flagstaff Home Depot.
We reported as 3A but ran exclusively on solar/batteries. Lots of contacts and lots of public visitors were introduced to HAM Radio.


Many thanks to Mike AG7XQ & Suzanne for hosting the NADXA picnic at their QTH on June 18th.
Good times had by all! We got clipped a bit by the beginning of the monsoon season but persevered!



The NADXA enjoyed two days at Seligman School on May 3rd & 4th teaching students about Amateur Radio. Members Dave W7FYW, Jack NT7MM,
Larry WB7EUJ, Mike AG7XQ, Mike KD7RF (operating from Alabama), and Bob NF7E participated. We had 6th, 7th, 8th graders and Sophomores,
Juniors and Seniors in the class room and then on the radio in our club trailer. Teacher extraordinaire, Denny Preisser, visited us at Lowell Observatory
in February, during our Pluto Special event, and saw the potential of us using our club communication trailer to introduce Ham radio to his 70+ students
so he asked us if we could come to Seligman. After stringing up a 10M dipole inside the classroom, Larry and Mike taught each class radio basics and then
talked about Morse code and how that is used. Each student would send their name in mor se code using a telegraph key and code oscillator. Then the
students went out to the club trailer and Jack and Bob explained the fundamentals of sideband operations and then had each one call CQ. NADXA
member Mike who now lives in Alabama was waiting to answer them! Students were told Mike was not in Arizona, but was located somewhere in the
USA and they had to ask him questions to figure out where he was located. Students asked questions like; are you close to the ocean, the desert,
mountains, Canada, Mexico to narrow down his location. The process worked great and the students wanted to ask questions. Every class was able to
figure it out! Then Mike spent time talking to the students about Alabama, his work at the National Weather Service and more! Mike was a BIG PART
of the day's success, and we had an outstanding group of club members to make things like this happen! We also got to enjoy lunch at school cafeteria
and Seligman's famous Road Kill Cafe !



Loaner Equipment Available!

If you are a new HAM or if your rig just gave up the ghost, the NADXA has some HF transceivers available for loan. Contact an NADXA member to get on the air!



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