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Get your own copy of the hottest HF sticker out there!

These glossy 6" X 4" stickers are UV resistant. They are
  waterproof vinyl that won't get damaged by rain or snow.

U.S.A. Stations:
 One "DX IS" sticker is $4 with an S.A.S.E
  Two are $6 with an S.A.S.E.
Without an S.A.S.E. stickers are $5 each

DX Stations:
One "DX IS" sticker for DX stations is $6.00 and includes free shipping
Two or more are $5.00 each and includes free shipping
IRCs are not accepted!!!


Cash or Check (made out to NADXA) please!

Send your request to the:

Bill Schuchman Radiosport Association
6315 E Townsend Winona Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


The "DX IS" slogan that has been adopted by our club originally came from one of our founding members, Bill Schuchman,W7YS (SK).
Bill was a very active Ham and Elmer for 71 year and loved CW, chasing DX, and contesting. His vanity AZ auto license plate was "DX IS".
Not only have we picked up his call sign as our club call, we also have a "DX IS" license plate on our club trailer!

As Bill used to say; "DX IS" says it all.


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