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2007 Ushagat Island DXpedition

Bob, NF7E and Art, NN7A, along with Marvin, KL1YY went on a DXpedition to Ushagat Island off the coast of Alaska
in July of 2007.  They were the second hams to put IOTA NA-206 on the air.  Here are some photos of their operation.

Heading Out After 5 1/2 hours..... 206 on the horizon Bob, Underway
The Landing Bob, Marvin and Art with the IOTA flag on the island All the gear!  Who's tired?  Who's working? Who's supervising?

Marvin KL1YY


Marvin's Log!
Wooden antennas?
The beauty of it all! Camp Ushagat! Art and Marvin with the IOTA flag


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