NADXA Route 66 On the Air 2022 Gallery

We operated two mobile stations for Route 66 OTA. W6T (AZ Rover Two) was set up throughout the week in Bellemont and Parks, AZ on stretches of old Route 66. W6S (AZ Rover One) was setup in Winona, AZ and Meteor Crater (Meteor City). We operated W6G from members' QTH stations.

Here are some pictures from our rover stations.

Operator Operator working one of our stations

Operator Visitors gather under a pop-up in Parks, AZ

Operator Set up outside Meteor City

Operator The NADXA mobile station outside Parks, AZ

Operator Throwing an antenna into a tree

Operator Route 66 road sign outside Parks, AZ

Operator Inside the W6S in Parks, AZ

Operator A stretch of the old Route 66 outside of Bellemont, AZ.