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The Northern Arizona DX Associatio will be participating in Flagstaff, Arizona's 2019 "Lunar Legacy" celebration.

2019 will be the 50th anniversary of landing men on the moon and Flagstaff played an important roll in that event because "Every astronaut that stepped on the moon, trained in Flagstaff and the surrounding area."

We will join in the celebration and hold Lunar Legacy Special Events throughout the year, including operating from those training locations like Lowell Observatory, where the astronauts used the 24" Clark Telescope to study the moon. Here, they worked with NASA and the USGS looking for and mapping potential moon landing sites.

Ned Stern, AA7A, world famous for bouncing signals off the moon and making contacts with other amateur radio operators around the world and his partner, Larry Leon, W7OR, will be joining us to do some of their EME bouncing at one or two of our special events!

Also, we will be at Sunset Crater just outside FLagstaff where they have volcanic cinder hills. Here, dynamite was used to create craters and make a replica of one of the possible moon landing sites. Then they brought in the lunar rover for the astronauts to drive and get a feel for what it might be like on the moon.

Another place the the astronauts trained was at Meteor Crater, Arizona. During 2019, our club (NADXA) will set up and operate from this mile-ide crater, again where the astronauts trained. According to Dwayne Vigant, general manager of Meteor Crater National Landmark, it was here that the astronauts had an early wardrobe malfunction when the men tore holes in theeir space suits on some of the crater's rocks, which required NASA to redesign their space suits.

Then the astronauts visited the Grand Canyon to study the geologic formations to prepare for the moon visits. We will be setting up operations at the GC National Park sometime during the year. One of our NADXA members, WW4A, who lives and works at the GC Park will cordinate this event.

Look for our Lunar Legacy special event call during 2019 while we operate from Lowell Observatory, Sunset Crater National Monument, Meteor Crater National Natural Landmark, and Grand Canyon National Park. We will ahve a s special QSL card made up for the event. Also, an optional high quality certificate with memorable Lunar Legacy photos and information will be availablefor a small feee. Both of these will look great on your wall!!

We sure hope to work you during the Lunar Legacy event! More information and operating schedules will be coming soon!

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